Mothers as First Teachers Project

Facing reality and looking to the future:

The current policies and regulations in the United States cannot solve the realistic problems of the poor in the United States. These problems of the poor in the United States accumulated over history and are more and more difficult to solve. The various relief programs, welfare programs and educational resource sharing programs are fundamentally difficult to solve. As a non-profit organization, the Life Renewing Center proposes that the solution to realistic problems needs to start from now so that current problems will not happen in the future. Our goal is to make the streets of the future less criminal and more useful. That is to say, with one more child in good physical and mental health today, one less person will go to prison in the future. The highest goal is to make the future of the United States truly realize the ideals put forward by the American fathers in the Constitution and make the United States a paradise for people to enjoy freedom, equality, and happiness, and live in safety and harmony. To this end, Life Renewing Center launched the “Mother as the First Teacher” project.

The “Mother as the First Teacher” project is specifically planned and implemented by Hanwei College under the Life Renewing Center. It will be carried out in three levels (junior and high school adolescents, primary school children, and preschool children). Currently, it is mainly conducted at the level of junior and high school adolescents. The other two levels of classes will be launched later.

American Young Mother Educational Ability Training Course

Adolescence is a special period in life development. In this important life stage, the role of the mother cannot be ignored. But because single mothers lack funds, time, living conditions and methods, they cannot provide the needed growth environments for their children. The training course will provide necessary training for teenage mothers, provide effective and scientific methods of education and management of their children, and cooperate with the school to guide young people to develop a positive outlook on life, professionalism and social responsibility. The uniqueness of this project that makes it different from any previous ones lies in the following:

1. Adolescent development:

The first training course in the US targeting mothers on adolescent development.

2. Pay wages:

All recruited mother students will enjoy a salary. The amount of salary will be sufficient to cover the rent/mortgage in a good school district and living expenses of the entire family during the period while the mother is at school.

3. Children’s college funding:

Every mother’s child will automatically receive college tuition assistance for any one year during their future college years.

4. Enjoy the school’s permanent education consultation and tutoring:

After a mother finishes her studies, she will not leave the school. Instead, she will continue to report the current situation of her children to the school from time to time and continue to accept the guidance and consultation of the school until her children go to college.

5. Stable income support:

After graduation, the mothers will be offered the opportunity to work as paid teaching assistants in Hanwei College. Hanwei College will also be responsible for recommending the graduates to the sponsoring companies of the college for employment or community service to support the graduates to continue living with their children in the school district and go to good schools. 

6. Online teaching, flexible and free time:

As a result, mothers will have enough time to accompany and take care of their children.

The target of enrollment includes low-income single mothers with children in middle and high school.

If you are interested, please request a registration form from the Life Renewing Center at the following email: <>. For details about the Mothers as the First Teachers Program, please visit

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