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Mothers as First Teachers Project Project Introduction

I. Overview

Adolescence is a special period in life development. During this critical life stage, the role of the mother must not be ignored. Yet, because single mothers usually lack funds, time, living conditions, and parenting skills, most of them cannot provide the needed environments for their children’s growth. The course will provide effective and scientifically based methods to educate and manage their children. The project and mothers will cooperate with the school to guide young people to develop a positive outlook, professionalism, and social responsibility. Each program is designed to run for 6 weeks. (There other two courses in the other two levels: primary school children and preschool children will be run together for another 6 weeks).

II. Learning Goals

The goal of the Course is for mother students to achieve knowledge sufficient to understand and manage their teenage children and know how to handle problems successfully.

III. Activities

For each weekly topic, you will engage in a variety of learning enhancement activities.

At the end of each weekly cycle, there will be a topic-related topic culminating activity.

IV. Equipment

You will be required to have a computer with internet access. 

V. Course Policies

  • Have the microphone and camera open (unless told to turn them off) during class hours.
  • Homework must be turned in on time and be of good quality.
  • No more than three unexcused class absences are permitted.
  • Students are responsible to make up any missed classes and homework

VI. Course Schedule

1RequiredParenting Skills

Contents to be covered in this class: 
1. Responsibilities and how to develop self-cultivated character; 2. Positive world view and how to find out purpose in life. 3. How to handle stress. 4. Money management and how to save, spend money and Invest for your children’s future. 5. Family ties: Love, and respect the older and love the younger and discover how your family can work in harmony. 
2RequiredUnderstanding  Teenagers

Learn how to understand your teenage children, how to communicate with them, and how to guide them to the right path.
3RequiredPeople Skills

Learn skills on how to make friends and develop healthy relationships that help your children grow. This topic also covers dating and marriage.
4SelectiveStories of Successful People’s Mothers

Learn stories of successful people in ancient world history such as Mencius, Addison, and Obama, and how their mothers created them.
5SelectiveSustaining Wisdom in Good Cultures

Learn wisdom taken from long-standing cultures in the world and learn how to apply them in practical life.
6SelectiveCommunity Living

Learn how community plays a powerful role in our lives and how to choose a good living environment for the growth of our children.
7SelectiveSurvival Skills

Learn skills that will help mothers to work from home.
8SelectiveTaichi Fan Dance or other similar courses to be announced. Examination

Learn how to balance mind and body through Taichi fan dancing. It is a good exercise that helps people achieve yin and yang harmony in the body.


  • Teaching is conducted 8 hours/week. 2 hours/day from Monday through Friday.
  • Students take required courses together and elective courses are taken separately.  Students who take the same selective courses will be grouped in the same class. There may be two courses running simultaneously in a week.

VII. Evaluation


  • Weekly performance assessment
  • End of course examination.

Feedback from teachers:

  • Regular feedback on performance in course activities

VIII. Certification of Completion

  • A student who has successfully completed all required courses and 3 selective courses will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • A student who receives a Certificate of Completion will be eligible to move on to the higher level Certification course.