A journey of a thousand miles starts from the first step. We are here to help you to find that dream match and happiness ever after. Are you ready?

Good News for Singles:

YouShineClub is a program offered by Life Renewing Center, a non-profit charitable organization. 

Mission Statement

Providing guidance and a safe environment for eligible singles to meet, establish friendships and romance, to achieve greater personal happiness and life’s dream.

 The basic requirements:

  1. You must have strong moral values, be honest, polite, and compassionate, and you are free of substance abuse or anger-management problems.
  2. Fill out the YouShineClub application form truthfully. False information is strictly prohibited.
  3. Provide a copy of US drivers license, green-card or other ID such as a passport.
  4. Provide recommendations from at least two friends or family members who can confirm that you are single.
  5. Commit to online and in-person participation in most singles’ network events held by YouShineClub.
  6. You must be 28 years or older.
  7. Fees: To encourage you to find your match in the first year, our first year fee is $99, and the second year will be $2,999!

Group Age:

  1. 28~40 years old
  2. 41~55 years old
  3. 56~70 years old

The types of activities provided by YouShineClub during the epidemic are as follows:

  1. Zoom online meetings, interacting with about 10-20 people
  2. Guidance to help you create a profile that highlights your strengths and attractiveness. One-to-one guidance may be available.
  3. Zoom online group tutoring to improve communication skills.
  4. One-on-one matchmaking may be available for certain members.
  5. Guidance on healthy life management, cooking skills, and dessert and cocktail preparations, with an understanding and melding of East and West traditions.
  6. Online poem reading, comedy, humorous sketches, cultural performance classes, with many fun activities to inspire everyone.

We are ready to present you to other eligible singles and help you realize your dream.  Are you ready to take the first step and Shine?