Hanwei Institution

Hanwei Institution

Hanwei Institution is a non-profit organization. It is designed to serve people of Chinese origin and Asian origin.   We aim to build a Chinese community with shared interests. We will fight for the equality of people with Chinese descent and help them achieving critical minority purposes. We use Chinese cultures as a bridge. Educating ourselves and influencing others, promoting mutual understandings and unity.

Hanwei Institutionwill be working on two different levels.

I. Forming a thinking bank

1.Organizing and funding research on Chinese culture, in order to provide a reference for government policy-making departments and academic communities.

2.Establish academic communications. We hold seminars and lectures on sinology. We also actively participate in international/national conferences. 

II.Education (Free for all)

1.Teaching Objectives: We develop students’ language abilities and their Chinese cultural knowledge simultaneously.

2.Target groups:Everyone who is interested in learning Chinese language and culture. (welcoming all age, gender, race, color, etc…)

3. Future development: Using communities as development platforms, we will horizontal link form throughout the United States and expand. We will increase in size and numbers, become mature step by step. Gradually, we develop and rise.

4. Methods of operation: Starting with teaching Chinese online and offline simultaneously. We are adding other Asian minority languages in the future.

The ratio of teachers to students in small language classes will be 1:3. The number of students in the larger cultural classes will not be limited.

5.Length of Classes: The length of study is based on the students’ interests and goals. It will be decided between instructors and students.

6.Teacher training: Teachers from all over the world who are interested in participating in Hanwei Institution activities can register for the unified training. They can start enrolling and teaching only after passing the training and receiving the qualification certificate from the training.

7.Teacher Treatment. Hanwei Institution pays for teachers’ teachign preprations. The teaching salaries are $20/hour for small classes and $40/hour for large classes.

8.Teaching materials: All teaching activities will be using the unified edited, prescribed and designated teaching materials from Hanwei Institution. The students can purchase them through internet.

9.Teaching contents:

Language classes: Chinese as the main language, (also including English and other Asian minority languages)

Cultural classes: (Chinese and English) including Chinese painting, calligraphy, traditional Chinese opera, dance, qigong, taiji, martial arts/Kong Fu, Go, Chinese chess, etc.

10.Course schedule: Flexible by agreement between teachers and students. For elementary and middle school students, we provide sessions after school and on weekends.


Operational plan.

Phase I (six months): The leadership team determines the teaching materials and chooses demonstrators of the teaching model. At the same time, we will organize the editing of new teaching materials. Volunteering to conduct pilot teaching to cumulate experiences; Conducting a fund-raising campaign (gofundme.com); Recruiting and train teachers as well.

Phase 2: Official start


Phase I: $1.2 million

Phase 2: $12 million