Taichi Fan Dance Program

About this Program

Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. As one of the Qigong forms, Taichi Fan Dance, is a very beautiful practice which is like an intentional dance that emphasizes body awareness and mindful meditation. The integration of Qigong into Taichi Fan Dance makes the dance entertaining and healthy to both observers and participants who can become easily entranced in the methodological and calming forms.

This program is sponsored by Life Renewing Center a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and Art Council for Monterey County.

Program Goals

The primary goals are:

  1. Increase culture awareness and build understanding of other cultures.
  2. Help release pandemic-related stress.
  3. Learn essence performance art in Taichi movements and develop coordination of the body and mind in the ancient art in modern designs.

Teaching and Learning

This is a 20 hours class, most of which are online via Zoom. 2-3 classes are taught in person. Teachers and students meet twice a week on Thursdays 4:30pm-5:30pm and Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm.

Registration starts on Mar 1 and ends on Mar 12. The program runs from Mar 25 through Jun 5.

One class enrollment limit is 15 students on a first come first serve basis.

Registration fees $10. Classes are free to students who are committed to complete the entire program.

Expectations and Awards

Upon successful completion of the program, students are expected of one or two on and offline stage performances and join the National Day parade (if any) in Monterey.

Each student (who misses no more than 2 classes) will receive one Taichi fan and a certificate.

Student (who misses no more than 1 classes) will receive one Taichi fan, a certificate and one set of Taichi suit.


For more information, please contact Life Renewing Center at info@liferenewingcenter.org

Taichi Fan dancers are practicing Taichi Fan Dance. June 5, 2021


Mar 25 2021 - Jun 05 2021


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm