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Please provide 2 references. We will contact them by phone as part of the club member evaluation process.

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A photo appropriate to show a child is appreciated.
For all club members' safety, we require a copy of your identity document. For your safety, we are collecting the document via email.

Terms & Condition

1. You must have strong moral values, be honest, polite, and compassionate, and you are free of substance abuse or anger-management problems.
2. Fill out the YouShineClub application form truthfully. False information is strictly prohibited.
3. Provide a copy of US drivers license, green-card or other ID such as a passport.
4. Provide recommendations from at least two friends or family members who can confirm that you are single.
5. Commit to online and in-person participation in most singles’ network events held by YouShineClub.
6. You must be 28 years or older.
7. If accepted to the program, you agree to pay $99 for the first year, and $2,999 annually thereafter if you choose to renew (i.e. we don't want you to stay XD).