About Us

Our vision is to standardize and popularize natural self healing arts through education, training and community service to anyone who is seeking natural health, sound mind and a harmonious life. We offer education on natural, safe and non-invasive alternatives in which you can reduce stress, enhance energy and even help manage a wide variety of ailments.

The most fundamental advantage from our teaching is that you can learn simple but very effective healing techniques which you can apply freely to yourself and to your family.

Life Renewing Center (LRC) is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Teachers

Margaret Zhao

Margaret Zhao, an award winning author, poet and motivational speaker, graduated from Hua Zhong University China where she received her bachelor’s degree in education. She has been an educator for many years with an emphasis on Natural Chinese Healing Arts. By sharing her expertise, Margaret has changed many lives for the better. She continues to inspire and enlighten her students to apply the unique natural healing techniques to their daily living. As a true believer in the healing power of laughter, Margaret is also a humorist, who never fails to make her audience of all ages laugh when she teaches, gives speeches or performs standup comedy.

Margaret now lives in the Northern California area, where she actively teaches and shares Chinese culture, Confucius Tao and Buddhist philosophy.

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